Street Parking Rules


The by-law states that when it’s not possible to park on the road, and providing there are no signs prohibiting it, motorcycles may park on the pavement in the following cases:

  • If the pavement is between 3 and 6 meters wide, parking is possible parallel to the curb and between tree pits, without blocking vehicle entrances to buildings, litter bins or waste containers, and while keeping at least two meters away from zebra crossings and bus stops.
  • If the pavement is more than 6 meters wide, motorcycles can park side by side and perpendicular to the curb, provided that there are at least 3 meters for pedestrian to pass by.

Parking is not allowed on pavements less than 3 meters wide.

Single-level streets without curbs are considered to be the same as a pavement in a normal segregated street. Therefore, if it is less than 3 meters wide, parking is prohibited.


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